Our Albuquerque, NM based CPA auditors plan projects with you, conduct our auditing services on-site, including business tax audits, financial audits, and company audits, and delivers accurate reports and presentations that include proof of process. And, we are always on time!

  1. We develop schedules that meet your needs and we commit to timely completion by beginning at your earliest convenience.
  2. Our team of trained tax audit professionals is focused and organized to ensure thorough, timely and efficient results, whether it be for business audits, financial audits, or other audit needs.
  3. Our auditing firm proactively involves your team with our auditors so that any planning results in common expectations and successful projects.
  4. We apply business, taxation, accounting, and efficiency observations to help you identify needs before they become problems and realize opportunities before they pass you by.
  5. Your specific issues are reviewed by a team of experienced business people who know your industry compliance standards and can help with your specific business tax, 401K, or company audit needs.

Pulakos CPA’s Auditing Service Capabilities

  • Audits*
  • Standardized reviews
  • Compilations and reviews
  • Regulatory, legal and guideline reviews
  • Compliance procedures

Peer Review

For CPA’s and CPA Firms that provide 3rd party assurance services, (audits, reviews and compilations) an engagement or systems review of the processes used to plan and perform the assurance is required by a trained/qualified peer reviewer. We strive to stay in the top 5% of firms based on feedback received from the peer reviewers and to date, we have.

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Peformance is a Team Effort

Pulakos CPAs is a valued partner to our clients in Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond because we find and summarize information that can make them more efficient and profitable in addition to fulfilling their primary audit needs. The Pulakos CPAs Team members possess experience in variety of industries which gives them the ability to provide clients with insights that help them achieve greater financial performance.

Pulakos CPAs is committed to meeting client needs and providing service of the highest quality in preparation of financial statements as well as effective planning and implementation of compilations, audits and reviews. As a member of the Private Company Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and CPAmerica, Inc., Pulakos CPAs is subject to a rigorous technical review every three years to assure our understanding and operation within GAAP. GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, are the rules and recognized standards that govern our activities.

Performance is Personal

The Pulakos CPAs team is dedicated to accurate and timely audit services and financial advice. The archive of articles on this web site is just one way that we deliver information helps you achieve peak performance. We also host free seminars for clients (as well as the community at large) on topics that address critical audit and compliance issues. If you want a relationship with an accountant who answers your calls, has extensive resources to meet your audit and strategic planning needs, and who takes your financial performance personally, contact Pulakos CPAs in Albuquerque, NM for a complimentary assessment.

At Pulakos CPAs, Performance Matters!

* business tax audit, financial audits, company audits, 401k audit, and other audit services are available