A Foundation of Performance

More Than Six Decades of Service

George Pulakos founded what is now Pulakos CPAs in 1960 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the objective of providing clients with unparalleled personal service. George Pulakos was known for his technical ability, community spirit, and business acumen. Pulakos fostered a work environment that valued listening to clients and understanding their needs, and used this to then develop a customized solution to benefit each individual client.

As the practice grew, he increased staff and shared ownership with other like-minded CPAs. One of whom was Carl Alongi. There have been three generational changes of ownership over the last six decades, and each of these transitions has been anticipated and planned, allowing Pulakos CPAs to create the sustainable business model that has served the firm’s clients successfully for over 60 years. More importantly, the firm is positioned to serve its clients for another 60 years with the same commitment to its Founder’s principles.

The firm has gone by different names: George Pulakos, CPA, Pulakos & Alongi, Ltd and, now, Pulakos CPAs, PC. While the employees, owners and clients have changed over the last six decades, the Team at Pulakos CPAs, PC will always reflect the Founder’s standards for exceptional personal service, technical ability, community spirit and business acumen, all of which form a foundation for performance.

We reflect the attitude of performance and team approach designed to benefit our clients. Today the firm is located in a New Mexico facility that emulates the style and business practices of the professionals who work there – open, accessible to all, team-oriented, fast access to major freeways, and a meeting place for business professionals. There are no big corner offices or other monuments to the owners or senior members of management. Rather, the office is open and light, with a strong focus on functionality over fashion, all of which emanate from that foundation for performance we strive to maintain. That is how George Pulakos would have wanted it.

Pulakos CPAs has always been a leader when it comes to employing technology to serve our clients. An extensive use of technology creates time for personal, client-site attention and needs. Our clients know that they are Pulakos CPAs’ primary focus, as our team of CPAs and CPA candidates do not leave the client location until all avenues have been covered, and all that can be done has been taken care of. Clients consistently benefit from our faster response rates and timely delivery of products with fewer mistakes.

Everything Pulakos CPAs does aims to perpetuate the foundation of performance established by Founder George Pulakos, CPA, an approach that will continue into the next century.