In our ongoing effort to serve our clients and the community, we had the honor of hosting our very own radio talk show, Let’s Talk Business New Mexico. Our listeners and visitors to our website would tell us what issues were most important to them, and we would respond with engaging interviews of business experts and articles that addressed these needs. Whether our listeners needed advice on advertising, cash flow, taxes, banking, recruiting, or any area crucial to operating a profitable company, our radio show offered insights on these topics.

When we say “Grow your business by design, not by default,” we mean that information can assist you with creating plans that meet your operational and profit objectives. Let’s Talk Business New Mexico delivered content that owners and managers across the state depended upon to find solutions and resources.

Listen to previous recordings of Pulakos CPA's on the radio talk show - Let's Talk Business New Mexico

Previous Shows

Co hosts Bob Daniel & Brad Steward talked about Crossroads for Women, a local organization that helps homeless women get back on their feet and become inspiring contributors to society. Amanda Douglas & Laura Chavez represent Crossroads and Jean Post represents Elinor's Art & Beads. Their websites are and Please visit them to learn more about what they do.