In addition to being excellent accountants, Pulakos CPAs’ advisors bring insights to clients based on decades of actual experience managing and growing profitable businesses.

Our clients gain valuable advice and assistance from an exceptional group of accountants and trusted strategic partners. Because our accountants have extensive business experience, Pulakos CPAs assist clients based on their operational needs and their ownership goals.

Our accountants also connect with the top business advisors and service providers in New Mexico and the region. This experience and professional network combined with a unique set of evaluation tools and data-mining capabilities adds value to every client engagement.

Ownership Preparation Services

Increase your Chances for Business Success Before You Open Your Doors!

Aspiring business owners gain valuable training, advice, and assistance through Pulakos CPAs’ comprehensive coaching, workshops, and resources.

Our clients are prepared to build wealth through ownership before their companies even launch because their accountants know how to start and run businesses of all types. Planning based on clients’ personal and professional goals gives them an advantage over other new business owners.

Clients have access to trusted and tested service providers and advisors throughout New Mexico that are part of the Pulakos CPAs network of strategic partners. Our clients prepare for financial, human resources, operational, marketing, and critical business functions before they open their doors.

Enterprise Value Assessment

Find Hidden Patterns & Predict Future Outcomes

Pulakos Enterprise Value Assessment (PEVA) ™ lends profitable insights to every return and audit. It’s how our Experienced CPA Consultants add value to every client engagement.

PEVA helps our accountant advisors transform large sets of data into actionable intelligence that clients can use to achieve maximum performance. Tax and audit data can be used for more than complying with IRS or industry regulations. PEVA puts that information to use for clients who profit from managed growth and reliable strategies based on their own data.

Comprehensive Business Assistance

Tap into the Pulakos CPAs Strategic Network

The experienced business professionals at Pulakos CPAs constantly cultivate relationships with advisors from diverse fields who are proven experts and service providers.

As the founding sponsor of National Trusted Advisors and New Mexico Trusted Advisors and through other associations throughout New Mexico, Pulakos CPAs is a leader in connecting people and businesses according to their unique needs. Referrals to clients are based on their special needs and the skills and approaches of the experts we recommend to them.

The Let’s Talk Business New Mexico radio show and website connects Pulakos CPAs and its clients to even more business experts who can help them achieve maximum performance.

Contact us today to get connected with accountants and their strategic partners who know how to help you gain greater efficiency and profits.