Performance Matters™
In Everything We Do For You!

Pulakos Certified Public Accountants delivers on-time tax, audit, and business advisory services that make companies more efficient and profitable.

We are not just your average public accounting firm. We are obsessed with being on time and exceeding your expectations. Any time, any place – we handle your largest problems and identify your greatest opportunities because we know you deserve better.

At Pulakos CPAs, we add value to every service provided to every client we serve in Albuquerque and throughout New Mexico!

Tax Services

Our team of knowledgeable tax professionals understands the demands of a business so we always focus on delivering accurate and timely tax advice.

Performance Tax Services

Audit & Special Services

Our audit team plans projects with you, conducts work on-site, and delivers accurate reports and presentations that include proof of process. We are always on time!

Performance Audit & Special Services

Business Advisory Services

Pulakos Enterprise Value Assessment (PEVA) lends profitable insights to every return & audit. It’s how we add value to every client engagement.

Business Services

Managed Accounting Services

Think of managed accounting services as an opportunity to create your own accountant to meet the exact needs of your organization.

Managed Accounting Services