Brad Steward Named Honorary Commander – Kirtland Air Force Base for Second Term

Brad Steward, President Pulakos CPAs, has been an active member of the Kirtland Air Force Base (“KAFB”) Honorary Commander Program for the past two-years and has been asked to continue in the Program beyond that initial two-year period.

Mr. Steward brings not just the Pulakos CPA’s perspective to the KAFB Program, but the prospective of Pulakos CPA’s 250 plus business clients. In turn, Mr. Steward informs the Pulakos CPA’s business clients of KAFB activities that impact their businesses.

KAFB has an active Honorary Commander Program that matches the roughly 55 Commanders at KAFB with community leaders. The Air Force-wide Honorary Commander’s Program allows community and business leaders to learn about their host unit and the military as they attend command and unit events. In return, those local leaders invite the Air Force Commanders to community functions and activities.

The Honorary Commanders Program is a military initiative. Special thanks and recognition needs to go to Col. Eric Froehlich (soon to be Brigadier General Eric Froehlich), prior KAFB Commander, Col. Richard Gibbs, KAFB Commander, and the staff that makes the Honorary Commander Program possible.

Importance of Kirtland Air Force Base to Greater Albuquerque and New Mexico
Kirtland Air Force Base, and it mission partners, are an important part of the Albuquerque and New Mexico economy. The latest data reports a $6.7 billion-dollar KAFB economic impact.

We are numbers people, but more importantly business leaders. Just to put some perspective around KAFB’s fiscal impact:

  • A billion is one-thousand million.
  • If you had a billion dollars, you could give someone $2.7 million dollars a day for a year before you would exhaust your billion dollars.
  • KAFB has an annual impact of $6.7 billion dollars

KAFB has a daily impact of $18.4 million dollars or $12,700 dollar per minute of each and every day! So goes KAFB, so goes the Greater Albuquerque Area and so goes New Mexico!

Mr. Steward, recently participated in a Change of Command Ceremony with his new Command assignment, Col. Chris MacAulay, 58th Special Operations Wing.