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“Pulakos CPAs delivers on-time tax, audit and business advisory services that
make companies more efficient and profitable.”
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Gainesville, Fla. – Pulakos CPAs PC has been recognized for their 25-plus years of membership in CPAmerica
International. As CPAmerica International celebrated its 35 years of service. 

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Albuquerque Tax ServicesOur team of knowledgeable tax professionals understands the demands of a business so we always focus on delivering accurate, timely, and cost-efficient tax advice, tax preparation, and tax planning.

+ Performance Tax Services

Business Audits AlbuquerqueOur audit team plans projects with you, conducts work on-site, and delivers accurate reports and presentations that include proof of process. We are always on time!

+ Performance Audits, Standardized, Regulatory,
Legal, and Guideline Reviews;
Compliance Procedures

CPA Business Consulting - AlbuquerqueIn addition to being excellent accountants, Pulakos CPAs advisors bring insights to clients based on decades of actual experience managing and growing profitable businesses. 

+ Business Advisory and
Consulting Services

Performance matters to you

That’s why our team of accounting professionals, located in Albuquerque, NM, listens to you and responds to your concerns. Before any work begins, we ask questions that help identify your needs and objectives. Our professionals are trained in more than just technical skills and they listen to you so they can meet and exceed your expectations.

Every member of our accounting team has business and industry experience. Pulakos CPAs’ professionals enhance their knowledge through continuing education and in-house learning programs. We know that it is not enough to be great accountants – you expect more from us. You expect us to understand your business and industry so that tax preparation, business, and audit projects address your growth and profit goals.

If your company or organization is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, or anywhere in the country, Pulakos CPAs has accountants who have brought added value to their clients because they understand what it is like to sit in their chairs.

Over 50 years

Pulakos CPAs has been an active part of the New Mexico business community for decades. We are more than just an ordinary audit, tax preparation and business advisory service provider. We host meetings for community and business organizations, sponsor the Let’s Talk Business New Mexico™ radio show, and participate in many industry organizations in the Albuquerque area and all cities in the state.

You deserve better accounting and you need accountants who understand how to help you achieve better business performance. Pulakos CPAs’ team of Albuquerque based accounting professionals is dedicated to helping you attain your peak business performance.

That's why every employee holds themselves to a higher standard.  At Pulakos CPAs it's not good enough to be outstanding accounting professionals; we are also experts in your industry.

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